Dental Technology

Have you ever wondered what we see when we look into your mouth? With digital dental technology we can now make that possible. With our intraoral camera, digital x-rays and digital panoramic x-rays, we can easily and accurately gather data about your oral health, without causing discomfort. Chair-side monitors allow Dr. Mulkin to give you a virtual tour of your mouth and explain the prescribed treatment.

X-rays are necessary because they allow us to spot, monitor and treat decay, pathologic conditions and gum disease early…before they are clinically visible to the eye. Our digital dental x-ray systems are more sensitive than traditional x-rays so your exposure to radiation is cut by as much as 90 percent. With digital x-rays, your dental checkups take less time and it's fun to watch this system work in real time! Digital panoramic x-rays help us get a broad view of your mouth and jaw so that we can get a full picture of your sinuses, wisdom teeth position and other hard and soft tissues of the head and neck. We even look for potentially life threatening calcification in your carotid arteries. Just another way we treat the whole you.

Our Ivoclar Diode laser is another exciting dental innovation available in our office. The Ivoclar Diode laser can be used for a variety of oral surgery and hygiene procedures, including eliminating pain associated with apthous ulcers, denture sore spots, decontaminating periodontal pockets, tissue recontouring with more predictable results than other methods, frenectomies, releasing of tied tongues, biopsies and removal of excess tissue. All of these treatments encourage faster and more predictable healing.

In addition, the Ivoclar Diode laser can treat cold sores virtually painlessly — eliminating pain in less than five minutes and minimizing the chance of reoccurrence in the same area. Get cold sore relief with the Ivoclar Diode laser.